Friday, November 9, 2012

Now Accepting Guest Posts for December!!

Calling all bloggers! Would you like to reach a bunch of new readers? Now’s your chance!

Womanhood With Purpose is accepting guests posts for the month of December for the following topics: 

  • Biblical Womanhood
  • SAHM or WAHM 
  • Recipes, DIY Projects and Kids Activities
  • Parenting
  • Creative Organization Ideas

To submit a guest post, please email me (womanhoodwithpurpose (at) gmail (dot) com) with the subject line “Guest Post: (Title of your post)” and the body of your post in the email.  

All posts should be original, unpublished material of 600 words or less which fit with the themes and content of Womanhood With Purpose- the use of lists and bullet points is encouraged.

An original photo should also be included with your post (especially for recipes). Free stock photos may also be used, but you will need to include a link to the site from which you download the photo.

Please also include a short paragraph at the end of your post with your biographical information. Your bio may include a link back to your blog or business website, but please limit links within your post. (Max 3 in the Post)

Please make sure to follow the guidelines carefully. Submission of your material does not guarantee publication. I will contact you if I am using your post.

I'm also looking for contributors as I'm building a nice team! If you're interested email me so I let you know the guidelines! (pretty much like a guest poster but on a monthly basis)...there are some more advantages also.

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  1. I'd be interested in guest posting and/or contributing to your blog. My blog is The Bliss Diaries, where I write about creatively pursuing an intentional life. Everything mainly centers around my job as keeper of my home. Check it out at to see if you think we'd make a good match. ;)

  2. If you'd like to me to a part shoot me an email ;) I think I have one due next week, but am open after that! :) Blessings! :)

  3. I would love to be a part of a great group of women helping women!! I blog at Just Lovely
    I will be thinking of a guest post to email to you and if you could give me more info on contributing I would appreciate it!!

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