Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Experiece as a Blog Angel...

Thumbs up for Rosie at Craftbotic for organizing this wonderful bloggy event!!

As I mentioned in my Blog Angel Reveal, the aim of this campaign is to help a fellow blogger out.

My Blog to Angel was Angie Hales' from

Angie blogs about her family life. She describes herself as Organized, Homemaker, Homeschooling, Digital Scrapbooker, Jesus Follower. Wife. Mom to 2 boys, Friendly but Socially Awkward, Thinker not a Talker, Shy until Familiar,Wanna Be DIYer,Picture Taker,Avid Reader,Competitive & Sarcastic.

She has just started a new project, actually she will now post only at , please check her out, you will love her ;)

Since the reveal Angie and I have exchanged emails and gotten to know each other a bit better. We discovered that both of us are eager to learn more about blog design and we're planning to share what we have learnt so far.

Angie is taking a blogging break for personal issues, but I have promised her to help her out in any possible way once she starts blogging again. I'm also praying for her and her family.

Angie and I will continue exchanging emails and will hopefully work in some projects together in the future.

The help I've received from sweet Alesha from Blessed to be a Blessing has been amazing, she's always commenting on my posts, giving some feedback and sharing my posts . She's really sweet and we have developed a beautiful friendship. She's such a young wife but so commited to her new role!

I was very blessed to get to participate in this event and I'm looking forward to participating in the next campaign...check the info here

Can't wait to meet new friends!

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