Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm an Angel!!

No, the title of this post doesn't have to do with my name (Angelina, by the way).

The title refers to a wonderful campaign organized by Rosie from Craftbotic, which consists in helping another blogger throughout a whole month in so many different ways, actually the effort required can be as minimal or extravagant as you want. All that is required is that you comment at least twice a week on someone's blog, encouraging their project.

The tricky part, or what I actually found quite difficult is that the first half of the month you have to do it all in secret!!

Click here for more info about the project

In this time I was a blog Angel to Angie Hales from I was making a huge effort to comment and even using different names :P... Now that the secret part of the project has finished and I actually feel a bit relieved hehe and I'm really looking forward to connecting with Angie "face to face" and help her in any possible way without being afraid of being "public" hehe.

Angie blogs about her family life. She describes herself as Organized, Homemaker, Homeschooling, Digital Scrapbooker, Jesus Follower. Wife. Mom to 2 boys, Friendly but Socially Awkward, Thinker not a Talker, Shy until Familiar,Wanna Be DIYer,Picture Taker,Avid Reader,Competitive & Sarcastic.

She has just started a new project, actually she will now post only at , please check her out, you will love her ;)

I´ll keep you posted on how The Blog Angel Project goes ;) What a great way to encourage each other!! 

Have a blessed week!

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  1. Oh wow you used different names? That's awesome. I'm way to obvious when I post and use the same one each time.

    1. lol...I don't even know if what I do is "legal" :P but I didn't want her to "track me" ;)

  2. great reveal post my fellow blog angel! :)

  3. Thanks Angela ;) who are you and Angel to?? your blog?

  4. I'm really glad I found your blog through the blog angel link up! Any site that is going to prioritize faith and marriage must be a good one! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to return the follow if you see something you'd like over on my site:



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