Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pizza in a Wrap!

This is a super quicky option for snack or dinner...I'm my home our meals are a bit different than the American style.

In the morning breakfast is so important, so our ideal breakfast- fruit cocktail (cantaloupe, papaya-they call it paw paw here-, banana and apple. Followed by some eggs, beans and toast + coffee.

Lunch time- the very heavy meal- e.g. Some kind of meat {beef or chicken}, rice or soup and veggies.

For dinner David and I usually have some sweet bread and coffee, but it could also be a bowl of cereal and..once in a while we have some kind of craving for junk food as pizza or hamburgers .

Here in Botswana food is so expensive, the reason...well, unfortunatelly Botswana is not that much of a producer so everything is mostly imported from South Africa.- And were we live a small mining town- there are only 3 places where you can get food, which two of the 3 places sell exactly the same typical Tswana food and are next to the other!! {weird, don´t you think so?}

  So this is our option for Pizza.

  • You´ll need wraps (flour tortillas as we know them in Mexico)
  • Tomato  paste
  • Grated cheese, in this case I found gouda
  • and anything for your topping...we went for something meaty that day, so it was salamy...

Then in the oven...not sure about the temperture, my oven doesn't indicate it {I'm in Africa, remember?} but in my case was in the highest temperature for about 5-7 minutes---just keep on checking it!! :P

Do you know any 4-5 ingredients recipe?? you can be the next Guest Poster :)


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