Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My African Pantry...

Woza Woza and Chakalaka Soup...

Well the Wooza Wooza is just mince (soya mince) in some kind of gravy..They suggest to pour on pasta...we gave it a try but it's quite salty...My husband didn't like it!

Chakalaka can or tin...

well, it's a Mix of chopped vegetables in vinegar, and it's spicy..these the ones on the picture are not that spicy since they contain sweet corn or butternut pieces. I rather have the "mild and spicy" one {I'm a Mexican, remember?}. This spicy soup or "salsa" as I could call it, is poured on rice...oh yeah, rice is a very very important element in an African least in the tswana.
Oh the rice! They way they eat it is with Mayonese and catsup (they call it tomato sauce) the beginning I thought it was weird but honestly speaking is quite good!! :) Now I'm even used to it!!


This powder is like uhmm corn or maize flour, but a bit thicker. With it they prepare some kind of dough. It´s not tasty, quite bland. But that's why they have the chakalaka and other "soups".
I'll post the method and utensils to prepare papa in the coming posts.


This is given at the clinic where I take my 4 month old baby for her monthy check-ups.
They start babies on solids with this.
It's a mixture of ground grains...sorgum, wheat, peanuts even beans!  I haven´t tasted it and unfortunatelly I can't cook it, because as you might see the instructions are in Setswana :S. I haven't given it to my baby either, I'm planning to start her on solids when she's six months old. Besides I would rather give her rice cereal or baby food. I think this grain combo is way too much! could be quite heavy, don't you think so?

Chakalaka Spice- 

I really love this powder I use it with fried chicken and to prepare my veggies. It gives them a spicy taste but not that much :)

Will continue posting more pictures of what I have in my pantry and even recipes :)

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  1. Micheel Silva de SalasSeptember 6, 2012 at 6:20 PM

    Wow!!! I would love to try some of these foods..
    And I agree with you, I think that grain mix it´s a little heavy for babies specially to introduce them to solid food.. I started Angela with Chayote and apple..
    how´s the variety of fruits & vegetables there?
    Blessings for you, your hsband and beautiful baby Phoebe

  2. Thanks for the peek at some interesting foods!

    I agree, a mix of grains is a poor choice of first baby food. If she had an allergic reaction, how would you know which ingredient triggered it? But rather than start with any kind of grain, consider a fruit or vegetable as her first food. Many babies become constipated on rice cereal, and once that starts it can be difficult to get it under control. My son's first food was applesauce. A little later, he was a big fan of beans mashed with spaghetti sauce!



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