Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let the fun begin!!

It seems like I'm finally done with the blog, you know, designing and organizing elements here and there!- Now I need to sit and start planning and scheduling my posts. There are so many things I want to write about!!

It's been a lot of work, but I really think is worthy! I've finally found a great hobby, and though thoughts of fear are knocking my front door; God remains so good and faithful.





Today I was actually reminded that HIS GRACE is sufficient for ME, for HIS POWER Is made perfect in my weakness (in my case, lots of weaknesses) {2 Corinthians 12:9} – While doing all this, thoughts like “You can’t do it”, “You’re not a writer”, “Your English is not perfect”, “you’re just going to embarrass yourself” were bombarding me all the time, but I thank God for His word which makes disappear any thought, and for HIS PERFECT LOVE which casts away fear. {1st John 4:18}.

I know that as long as I’m obeying Him, being patient and persevering, He’ll take care of the rest.

Now I realize that blogging will help me and bless me in so many ways:

  • I’ll be able to learn more about myself- hasn’t happened to you that when you´re going through a problem and you start sharing the details with somebody else at the end you get all the answers; it´s like you see your problem from a different perspective, with new “lenses”.-
  • I’ll be able to learn proper writing skills
  • I’ll be able to practice my English.
  • I’ll  have to study and prepare myself better in every aspect {which means self improvement-self growth}
  • Blogging will also give me the sense of productivity, you know, feeling I´m doing something productive with my time
  • AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE, if along all this I can bless other women, -through my stories, testimonies, etc.- would be AMAAAZING!!
  • Blogging will also help me to get in touch and learn from other wonderful God fearing women!
I´m so happy and excited! I look forward to starting this new journey. A whole adventure! Looking forward to making new friends! :)


  1. Love to read and share with sisters in Christ. would love for you to visit me at Blessings Beyond the Barnyard
    Real stories about real life with the hope and encouraging, exhorting and exciting others.



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